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Global Alumni Relations

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What are alumni?

What are alumni?

More than a degree holder.

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Who are alumni?

A group larger than most people realize.

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Why should you care?

Because alumni matters to your institution – they matter a great deal.

Alumni Assembly brings your global alumni back to you!

About Our Alumni Services

Educational institutions aspire to build lifelong and multi-generational relationships with alumni. Today, these relationships are most likely global, and they require extra effort to maintain. In fact, more and more alumni are transnational, living or working in more than one country.

Our award-winning approach to developing best practice in global alumni engagement increases the capacity of schools, universities and governments worldwide.

We provide an experienced outside perspective to develop first steps. We coach, we educate, and we become ‘thinking partners’ with your international teams.

Learn more about our leadership.

Gretchen Dobson

Gretchen Dobson, Ed.D.

President, Global Alumni Relations

Products and Services

The alumni business is about relationships and we start with you! Our approach is personal and tailored to meet institutions of any type, of any size and with any budget.

Our collaborative approach prepares clients to develop sustainable global relationships with alumni and families. From designing a project in a new market to reinvesting in a mature region, we have what you need.

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Getting Started to Go Global

Getting Started to Go Global

Starting from a Position of Strength

Know Your Strength

Getting Started to Go Global measures your institutional capacity and readiness
to invest in the long-term business of global alumni relations

What you will get with this initial package:

Introductory Consultation

30-60 minute introductory call with an alumni engagement expert to learn about top-level global objectives

Initial Audit

Online audit (takes 30 minutes to complete)

In-depth Audit

Institutional audit and structured desk-based research

A Custom Report

Custom report including recommendations for engaging global alumni


60 minute follow up call with Academic Assembly’s alumni success team to review the report, answer questions, and help operationalize next steps.
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Discover Global Alumni

Discover Global Alumni

What is Discover Global Alumni?

We help you find your lost alumni. Isn’t that cool?

Educational institutions are notorious for not keeping in touch with their alumni. We don’t want that to be your story, especially when our world needs more cohesion and mission-based tribes.

Discover Global Alumni is your answer to creating your global alumni network in different cities or countries (or worldwide). Your alumni are your strategic partners as you carry out your internationalization objectives.

How does it work?

With the confirmed demographic or geographic scope and the most recent alumni database, we go to work with our secure AlumniOS™. Your dedicated project manager facilitates the process of alumni discovery and alumni network creation. Alumni once lost, become discovered.

We ghostwrite communications pieces; we advise on maximizing your work abroad; we coach you on engaging families and help you think about tying in alumni to the student experience.

Overall, we make things “sticky” between your global constituents and your cause.eCourse

And, we throw in a gift: each Discover Global Alumni project includes a 3-year subscription to the Global Alumni Relations eCourse (a US $1,485 value).

Year 1

Assess, Plan, and Get Started

  • Update your database with AlumniOS™;
  • Identify, contact, and connect with alumni; discover more and more;
  • Build relationships with alumni and families;
  • Invite and engage alumni in recruitment activities;
  • Profile alumni on social media;
  • Build reputation and brand for your institution

Year 2

Expand, Invest, Solidify

  • Continue database management with AlumniOS™;
  • Continue to identify, invite, inform, and invest in the alumni experience;
  • Develop leadership structure and resources for new alumni body;
  • Develop stronger social media strategy;
  • Agents and alumni plan recruitment events;
  • Alumni career networking events begin;
  • Consider special events in-market

Year 3

Reflect & Focus on Sustainability

  • Continue database management with AlumniOS™;
  • Prepare the transition plan for volunteer management;
  • Consider your needs for Year 4;
  • Learn about opportunities to extend contract another three years;
  • Maintain global alumni database management by subscribing to AlumniOS™
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Global Relations eCourse


Designed for frontline international offices working in recruitment, partnerships and/or constituent relations, this 12-module professional development course will fit your busy lifestyle. Delivered in an asynchronous, self-paced format the annual subscription can be completed in as little as one week or up to one year.

An Overview

Developing global alumni relations and strategies –the big picture.

Focus on Institutional Priorities

Improve the engagement of your institution’s network of internationally affiliated alumni, students, faculty, staff, community, and key partners.

learn to
  • Determine the value propositions for your organization
  • Assess your readiness to act sustainably with available resources
  • Motivate and engage your alumni network
The Ultimate Goal

Build a lifelong relationship with your international alumni through this 12-module.

12 modules:

  1. Setting the context: From Purpose to Value Proposition
  2. Database Reboot
  3. Staffing for Global Relations
  4. Budgeting
  5. Building Alumni Brand
  6. Global Volunteer Management (Part 1)
  7. Global Volunteer Management (Part 2)
  8. Global Alumni and Students
  9. Global Alumni and Faculty/Staff Relations
  10. Evaluation, Assessment, and Improvement
  11. Global Alumni Relations and the Employability Agenda
  12. Global Alumni Relations and Government Partnerships
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